The Top Ten Items to Bring to a Worksite

The crew at Human Movement produce more races than anyone else on the planet. Which means… we’re traveling to more places than the Travel Channel and eating in more dive bars than the Food Network. So…If you want to know the best place to get wifi and eat a veggie burger in Des Moines, ask us.


The Top Ten

Must-Have Items For Working Events

The crew at Human Movement Management® (HMM) produces more events than anyone else on the planet.  We travel to hundreds of locations in North America every year, setting up everything from fun runs to beer festivals.  While this fast-paced and strenuous lifestyle may sound intimidating to some, it actually offers us a unique opportunity to field-test a variety of work gear and equipment.  For this reason, we decided to survey the entire HMM staff in order to share with you the Top Ten essential items to bring to a worksite.



#1 – Phone Protection

In today’s day and age, cell phones are becoming less of casual accessory, and more of a permanent appendage.  Unfortunately, these devices aren’t necessarily produced to withstand exposure to long days, extreme temperatures, and mud-pits.  Luckily, our team has experienced enough cracked screens and shattered dreams to know which phone cases offer the most protection.  Lifeproof, Otterbox, and Pelican cases seem to provide a safeguard against even the most rugged conditions, but they also come with a premium price tag.  For the budget-conscious individuals, we’ve found that a plastic zip-lock bag can keep out most of the sweat, mud, and zombie blood that we encounter at our events.  For some of the more power-thirsty devices, the Mophie charging case provides an extra boost to get us through the day.


#2 – Travel Apps

Technology has come a long way since the birth of HMM, which is why many of our employees rely on their phones for information while traveling.  Popular apps like TripIt and FlySmart help to keep HMM staff informed and organized while on the road, whereas Yelp and FastFood help with the important task of feeding everyone.  At the worksite, MapMyRun offers a number of useful tools concerning the layout of the course.



#3 – Headlamp or Flashlight

Working at HMM does not always allow for standard office hours with convenient fluorescent lighting.  Our employees often show up before dawn on event day, and it is not uncommon for us to continue working well into the night.  For this reason, an artificial light source is an integral part of our staff’s inventory.  Whether using a headlamp, a hand-held flashlight, or even the flashlight app on our phones, HMM employees are always prepared to shed light on the situation at hand.



#4 – Mobile Music

Whether on a plane or at the worksite, our employees bring music with them wherever they go. Noise canceling headphones prove especially useful to drown out engine noise or snoring passengers on an airplane. Jammy Packs offer a portable solution for broadcasting playlists while working, and auxiliary cables are an excellent choice for jamming out in vehicles while driving to and from the venue.


Top-Ten-Gloves#5 – Work Gloves

Our staff is used to long days spent building obstacles, operating equipment, and hauling gear. These harsh conditions can wreak havoc on even the toughest hands, which is why a strong pair of work gloves is one of the most important assets on the worksite.




Top-Ten-Hats#6 – Hats

With events in hundreds of locations throughout an assortment of climate zones, our heads are in constant need of protection from Mother Nature’s fickle elements.  Whether it’s a baseball cap to protect from the hot sun and pouring rain, a beanie to protect from the cold snow, or a cowboy hat for 360-degree protection against all three, hats are an essential tool for protecting our precious neck-topping brain-boxes.



Top-Ten-Pants#7 – Work Pants, Running Tights, or Shorts

The climate at our worksites has been known to stretch from one extreme to another, sometimes within the course of a day.  Combine that with our rigorous working conditions, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster for most pants.  Luckily, after a considerable amount of testing, our team has determined that Kuhl outdoor pants (and shorts) offer the perfect mixture of durability and comfort.  Lululemon tights came in a close second, especially among our female employees.


Top-Ten-Shoes#8 – Adaptive Footwear

Worksites can vary from smooth pavement to rugged terrain, which is why it is important to bring the proper footwear.  We’ve found that a lightweight running shoe is perfect for urban venues, whereas hiking shoes and work boots are ideal for rougher environments.  For mud runs, it’s best to bring a pair of old shoes that you don’t mind submerging in layers of muck and dirt.




Top-Ten-Sun#9 – Protection From The Elements

Come rain or shine, our team always gets the job done.  That means that, regardless of the location, we must be prepared for sunshine, snowfall, monsoons, and mosquitos.  We have found that a good pair of sunglasses is essential in order to shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, regardless of the season.  For the rest of the body, sunscreen does a great job of warding off that toxic UV radiation.  We’ve also been known to experience the occasional downpour at the worksite, which is why it’s not uncommon to find a rain jacket packed away in our bags as well.  When confronted by hoards of angry insects, however, it’s best to have a can of bug spray handy to defend against their fiery bites.


TopTen-Tools#10 – Multi-tools

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been using tools to assist with difficult tasks, and we see no reason to stop that trend.  HMM produces a wide variety of events, which means our staff usually brings a variety of tools to work with them every day.  For trimming and removing zip ties, knives, box cutters, and wire cutters are all popular options.  For everything else, a Leatherman multi-tool is the perfect worksite companion.




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