The Ten Best Places To Park the HMM RV (AKA – The Unit)

The Ten Best Places To Park the HMM RV (AKA – The Unit)


#10 – Little Everglades Ranch – Dade City, Florida

Take a trip 45 minutes east of Tampa but don’t forget to pack your best Kentucky Derby hat. This amazing venue was host to our Dirty Girl Mud Run and the crew still reminisces on beers on the front porch after a long day in the sun and the ‘real cowboys’ clearing our course for animals…except Moo the farm dog. She was invited to stay in the RV with us.



Bohn-Park_325x225#9 – Bohn Park – Lyons, Colorado

Lyons, CO is located 20 minutes north of Boulder, but it might as well be a month away. Time slows down but the adventure cranks up in early June for the Lyons Outdoor Games. We get to park the Unit in the shadows of the Rockies, along this awesome little river and sit under the stars with the best kayakers, bikers and fly fisherman on the planet. It’s like the Nature Channels version of the X-Games.



Sea-Of-Cortez_325x225#8 – The Sea of Cortez – Puerto Penasco, Mexico

So…going through the Mexico/US border with a 40′, murdered out RV (for those born before 1985, we have altered the color of our recreational vehicle with professional signage. The color of choice: black) can be very tricky – aka It draws unwanted attention. HOWEVER, once you make it through the federales, it’s a straight shot to cheap sea food, great margaritas, and the only place that we know where it’s legal to park an RV literally on the beach. This would rank #1 on our list if it wasn’t so difficult to get there.


Austin-tx_325x225#7 – Stunt Ranch – Austin, Texas

For starters, the Unit was parked in the middle of a paint ball field all week. After we were done hosting the event, the property manager asked us if we wanted to jump from a 40′ tall tree fort in a giant inflatable crash pad and also blow up some conversion vans. #real life #ilovemyjob




Grand-Rapids-Capitol_325x225#6 – The Capitol Building – Lansing, Michigan

We’ve parked the Unit in some weird places before, but never on the front lawn of the Capitol Building. Prior to sending 10,000 Color Runners through the streets of Downtown Lansing, the Unit pulled out the coolers and grill on the front porch of the government buildings. By the way, Lansing is one of our favorite mid-major towns in America.



National-Harbor_325x225#5 – National Harbor – Washington D.C.

We gained some serious attention on our way to the Color Run in Washington.  Parked next to the Potomac River the Secret Service tried to commandeer our ride for President B.  Too bad for him we got more important things to do here at Human Movement.  Maybe next time we can arrange a quick ride for the Commander-in-Chief.



Soldier-Field_325x225#4 – Soldier Field – Chicago, Illinois

Pulling into Soldier Field while screaming Da Bears is something that should be on every person’s bucket list.  The parking is tight around the stadium but with Human Movement’s credentials we got to pull right on in.  It was a tight fit for The Unit but we managed to squeeze the hoss right between the 45 and 50-yard line.



Philly-Museum_325x225#3 – Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia. Pennsylvania

Pull into Philly and the first thing you want to do is get a cheesesteak.  The Unit found a perfect parking spot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Oh yeah, did I mention this is where Rocky was filmed.  That’s right, park, throw down a cheesesteak, and then run up the famous Rocky Steps and fight that indigestion.



Canyon-City_325x225#2 – Canyon City – Nevada

After endeavoring the high winds, dirt, and a long days work in the high deserts outside Las Vegas we found a nice spot in Canyon City to pull over, drink a couple of beers, and cook up a couple burgers. With no one within miles of us it felt like the right time to start the most epic game of hide and seek ever.  Three hours later and a few beers down…well we ended up finding almost everyone before we left.



Unit-HMM_325x225#1 – HMM HQ – Louisville, Colorado

Yes, we know we’re playing favorites here, but there really is no place like home.  No one wants to leave Louisville, Colorado because it’s home to the nicest people, the best food, and the most outstanding event management company.  Parked in front of the office in the middle of downtown Louisville, The Unit often houses at least a few drained co-workers after a night of partaking in local, late-night festivities.  We leave the doors unlocked and the RV open for business, so if The Unit is-a-rockin, DEFINITELY come-a-knockin.




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