We can’t do what we do alone, so here at HMM we like to give thanks where thanks is due. Check out some of the friends of the family below!


Sam Adams

We all know and love Sam Adams, but over here at HMM they’re like family! Maybe it’s the free beer talking, but at the end of the day we always have a great time with the fine folks of the Boston Beer Company! Sam Adams is a partner on The Ugly Sweater Run, Oktoberfest, and Samuel Adams Brew & View!


Sports Authority

If you need to gear up for an HMM event, you know exactly where to go. Sports Authority is a major partner in The Ugly Sweater Run, but we work with them on any project we can find because they’re so great to work with.



We work hard at HMM (yeah, yeah, yeah, obviously we play hard too), so we need vehicles that can handle all we dish out. That ranges from hauling trailers across the country, to building out obstacle races, to getting our dogs up mountain passes for a weekend of camping, and Ford vehicles are the weapon of choice all around.


Las Palomas Resort

The Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort is the site of one our most epic events of the year: The Rocky Point Triathlon. Not only Does Las Palomas treat us like royalty, but they absolutely crush it for us when it comes to helping out with the Tri! The accommodations, food, and atmosphere are always up to the quality of the party at Las Palomas, and we love them for it!



It’s fruity, it’s java, it’s delicious, and it’s got the right stuff to keep the staff here at HMM charging through those 20 hour event days. You’d be hard pressed to find someone on the staff that doesn’t love their caffeine, and the fact that Frava tastes great too is a huge bonus. Check it out at the link above!



They’re a HUGE part of The Ugly Sweater Run, and their stores have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind recycled items, unique fashion pieces, and fun affordable accessories. There aren’t many places that can compete when it comes to getting yourself decked out in a way no one else is doing, so check out the online shop at the link above!

Paul Mitchell

Frontier Airlines

Rage Fitness


Moose Jaw

Pretzel Crisps

Pop Chips

Lara Bar

Pearl Izumi

Red Bull



Sanborn’s Mexico Auto Insurance


Dick’s Margarita Mix

Tribe Multisport

Kompetitive Edge




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• ATM Quick Cash