Employee Highlight – Ryan “Garth” Garthright

Want to know what drives our favorite red-headed globetrotter to produce the dirtiest, girliest, mud runs on the planet?  Read on to learn all of Garth’s deepest, darkest secrets!

Q: How long have you been with the company?

A: I am approaching two years since my first HMM production

Q: What’s your major function within the company?

A: Controller of Chaos, Facilitator of Fun, Director of The Dirty Girl Mud Run

Q: Where were you born?

A: Denver, Colorado

Q: Where are you from?

A: Foxfield, Colorado, formally known as Green Acres

Q: Do you have any siblings?

A: Two sisters

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: Pets??  I’m on the road so much, my pet rock died!

Q: What’s your dream vehicle?

A: A cherry-red convertible with bench seats

Q: What’s your favorite activity? (Running, biking, watching soccer, etc)

A: Checking items off my bucket list.  See you next time Everest…

Q: What’s your dream vacation?

A: To sail from the Maldives through Fiji, New Zealand, and finish up in Australia.  I actually had the chance to do this with a Hungarian boat captain that I met in Bolivia, but I couldn’t swing it.

Q: What’s your favorite city for events?

A: San Diego.  Good food, great weather, and beautiful people make it a destination that I always look forward to.

Q: What’s your best event experience?

A: HMM used to give me a microphone, a large audience, and the direction of “Have fun!” on event days.  On one such occasion, I set a World Record for the largest Cha-Cha slide EVER (unsubstantiated, of course) with 15,000+ people.  I still don’t know where the microphone went.

Q: What’s your favorite airport?

A: Charlotte, hands down.  As the result of being a banking/white collar hub, Charlotte airport has more polished shoes per capita than any other US airport.  Charlotte’s airport is also home to a great many miserable patrons who look like a Xanax and half a bottle of Merlot is the only way to survive the day.  Always a refresher that I have a great job with a great company!

Q: What’s your favorite movie or TV show and why?

A: Top Gun.  Before Maverick’s ace piloting, no one even fathomed keeping up international relations during a 4G inverted dive.

Q: What’s your favorite accomplishment in life?

A: Besides the Cha-Cha slide record, and arguably getting more women muddy in the past two years than anyone else in the same time-frame throughout history?  In reality, it may be that I have put more time, money, and energy into one hobby of mine, and failed consistently for eight years and counting.  I will continue to challenge myself for many years to come, success or not.  We will know the outcome of year nine in September.

Q: Who’s your favorite athlete and why?

A: Kobe, Johnny Football, and Lance Armstrong.  Pro athletes are entertainers, and these guys entertain at the highest level, on and off the field.  Honorable mention to John Daly, Tiger Woods (before he was married), and the 1989 Miami Hurricanes.

Q: What employee needs a special call out for being awesome at HMM?

A: At HMM, we travel, A LOT.  Getting an army of event professionals from their home to the venue, with minimum hiccups, and within a budget is not an easy feat.  Now, multiply the complexity by seven events in a weekend, nearly every weekend of the year, and you’ve got Laurel’s job.  Laurel needs a shout out for that, and for staying cool when the majority of her calls are when there are problems with the airlines/timing/etc.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant on the road?

A: Hot-n-Juicy in Las Vegas.  An off-the-strip favorite with seafood by the pound strewn about your table.  Get it extra-spicy if you like to suffer.

Q: One Essential item for the road?

A: Patience

Q: What drives you to produce great events?

A: If my family would come to the event, I would want them to have a great experience, start to finish.

Q: What excites you about your job?

A: Largest women-only event on the planet?  Check.

Women get muddy?  Check.

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